Zhiyun will launch two new handheld stabilizer on September: Crane 3 LAB & Weebill LAB

ZHIYUN official announce that they will have new things coming up in this September: first is Crane 3 LAB that is a new version of Crane series, and they will open up a new series for mirrorless cameras – Weebill LAB. The two new products will meet the public at IBC 2018, the world’s most influential media, entertainment and technology show.


Weebill LAB is smaller in appearance than Crane 2, and adopts bevel design. In the process of using, the camera screen will not be blocked by the stabilizer. Even if the camera does not flip the screen, the user can observe the screen through the OLED. Weebill LAB looks similar in size to a cellphone stabilizer, because it increases the torque of the motor and the response speed of the stabilizer.

The new stabilizer uses a new structural design, adding more locking, users can use portable mode. The POV key is added separately on Weebill LAB, so the user can enter the POV mode by one key. At the same time, the additional tripod has a simple improvement, the surface of the tripod added skin, in practical use can effectively increase the sense of holding stabilizer.

According to Zhiyun’s official information, the stabilizer battery has the same runtime as Crane 2 and supports wireless graphics. It also comes with SMOOTH4’s phonego mode. In short, Weebill LAB, a new generation of stabilizers, inherits many of the advantages of Zhiyun’s stabilizers and has made great improvements.


Compared with Weebill LAB, Crane 3 LAB is very big. On the Zhiyun platform of BIRTV 2018, Crane 3 LAB carries Kinefinity’s 6K camera directly. It can be seen that the load of the new stabilizer should be excellent.

The appearance of Crane 3 LAB uses oblique angle design to facilitate users to observe the picture. Crane 3 LAB also adopts a portable grip design, the difference is that the Crane 3 LAB OLED and control wheels are in the grip. The top of the handle also has a focal length regulator that controls the zoom of some of the models by wire control. On the side of the handle, there are separate mode buttons and camera parameter buttons, and the two keys are separated.

At the bottom of the handle is the stabilizer tripod and a steering wheel. According to the information provided by Zhiyun official, the wheel can better control the movement of the stabilizer. On the left side of the wheel is the Crane 3 LAB focus wheel. Crane 3 LAB procide more advanced wireless biography, and also supports SMOOTH4’s phonego mode.

In short, compared with the shape of the cloud crane 2 or crane plus, there are great changes. As the leader of the handheld stabilizer, users are still looking forward to these two new products.

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