Which LENS should you buy for your SONY CAMERA?

By far, the most popular question I get on all social media platforms is which lens should buy. Many guys are always asking if I could only buy one lens which one would it be. That’s a really hard question for me to answer but what I can do is I can go through the lenses that I know.

So the first lens that I ever purchased for my a 6300 is the Sony 35 mm f/1.8. I use it a lot for like detail shots and maybe some portrait shots with a nice shallow depth of field, and it’s also in my bag in case I ever find myself in a low light situation.

The second lens that I ever purchased for my a6300 and that’s the 18-55 mm kit lens F3.5 – F5.6. It’s still a kit lens and I think it’s a pretty good lens considering the price point. It’s really great for a kit lens. Obviously, the build quality is not good at all. It’s very plastic and lightweight and doesn’t really feel great to use, but the autofocus is super good. It works really well for video and I use this pretty much, exclusively on the a6000. It’s probably not gonna be the most amazing lens for photos, but you might try it out if you’re looking for a zoom. I would recommend this if you’re balling on a budget this is a great lens. It is just a little over $100.

Next, we have vintage lenses now. Specifically the vintage lens that I own is the Canon FD 50 mm F1.4. This is a super cool lens. It’s fully manual and originally I just picked it up to kind of play around and be creative and have a little bit fun. Shoot some photos and some videos with a manual vintage lens. It’s super hard to stay in focus at F 1.4, because if you move forward a tiny bit or backwards a tiny bit you’re gonna lose that focus. But overall it’s a super nice lens now on the crop sensor. This lens is gonna have a lot more reach than it will on a full-frame. The crop is one and a half times, so 50 times one-and-a-half is what you’re getting out of this lens, but you get a nice super shallow depth of field at F 1.4. It’s a great mid to kind of long-range lens for low-light as well. Because F 1.4 is gonna let in a lot of light and it’s heavy enough the build quality is super good that you can fly this thing on a gimbal which is super nice.So I recommend the vintage lens mainly because it’s so cheap. I think I got it for like $50 on eBay you can probably find one for about the same price and it’s fun to play around with. It allows you to be creative and shoot a little bit differently than you would before.

Now we’re getting into the lenses that I’m using pretty much all the time and we’re gonna start with the Sigma 16 mm f/ 1.4. First of all, the image quality on this thing is phenomenal, even at f /1.4. I am super impressed obviously it’s a little bit sharper at like f /2.8 or f/4, but even at f /1.4. I’m totally confident in this lens that I’m gonna be able to get some great images out of it, so why do I like this lens. Number one, it’s great for low-light if you guys are low-light shooters. If you shoot concerts where you shoot in a nightclub, I would highly recommend this lens. f/1.4 is gonna allow you let in a lot of light and you’re gonna get super clean low-light footage so it’s a great low-light lens. I also like the nice shallow depth of field that you get at f /1.4. It kind of gives you a full frame look, although obviously we’re not shooting on full frame. So don’t get me wrong, it’s not quite full frame but it gives you a little bit of a full frame look. On the crop sensor body, it’s about a 24 mm equivalent. So it’s a super nice lens I really like the 24 mm look and I highly recommend this to you. This lens is my favorite to shoot pictures!

Lastly my favorite lens for the Sony a6300 or a6000 or a 6500 any crop sensor Sony is the 18-105 f/4.  I highly recommend this lens to you guys. Number one, because it’s so versatile you get that nice wide angle look at 18mm, but if you zoom all the way into like 80 mm, 90 mm or all the way to 105 mm you get a nice shallow depth of field at f/4 you’re gonna get a super cinematic look. And the image quality is honestly really good. Another reason that I really like it is because it doesn’t actually extend or retract when you’re zooming in or zooming out. So it always stays the same length which is perfect for gimbal filming. so now you have an 18 all the way to 105 that you can fly on your gimbal without ever having to rebalance. It’s just so versatile and I really like it. It’s not gonna be the greatest in low-light obviously because it only goes to f/4. If you’re wanting to shoot in low light you need something like 1.8 or 1.4 the larger the aperture the better for low-light. The build quality is amazing, the image quality is amazing and just everything about it is so versatile that I’m confident I can shoot an entire day an entire video with just this one lens.

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