Today we’re gonna talk about the top five cameras of 2018 and these are kind of the mid budget range. They’re not the most expensive cameras and they’re not the cheapest cameras either.  And we are focus on the video features, Because I think almost all of these cameras do pretty well in photography.

No.5, I would give a bit of a tie-in though they’re completely different cameras to the Nikon Z6 and the Blackmagic pocket Cinema 4k camera. Both are very interesting cameras. First of all, the Nikon Z6 Full Frame 4k and it actually does 10-Bit 4K External.   But this is something that pretty much no other camera in this range can do. The Blackmagic pocket camera is obviously very interesting, specs heavy like a very weird camera and that it’s kind of off on its own. It shoots raw it does 60p 4k, 120 Frames and HD, Dual Native Iso. There’s just so many different things going on in this camera which makes it very interesting but it also kind of seems too good to be true in some way . Because I haven’t use it, so I cannot give a definite review!

No.4 is the GoPro Hero7. It just looked really really good, and the big reason for that is it’s crazy stabilization. It’ll be really great and convenient to film the snowboarding or snorkeling or whatever. There is no other camera can do better yet. So if you’re looking to upgrade,I highly recommend getting the Hero7.

NO.3, I’m gonna give to the Fuji XT-3. It’s a really impressive camera very specs heavy. 4K 60P, it does 10-bit 4k,S35 sensor, so it’s a little bit bigger than a micro four-thirds, but not quite as big as full-frame 120 FPS, great color science. The autofocus that was the big surprise for me. It’s actually really good and I found it to be even better than Sony which I was not expecting at all. It wasn’t quite as good as canon but very impressive you could fully rely on the Fuji XT-3 autofocus. The only big downsides would be the no flip LCD screen and then no Ibis you do get a lot of that shake. There isn’t even on electronic stabilization mode so you’re gonna get those little jitters.

NO.2,  I’m gonna give it to the Canon EOS. Here’s a lot of little cool features that they put into the mere list but specs wise not impressive, but as soon as you start using it you start realizing that it’s actually a lot better than you would think. And the big reason for me is the image, the image is just really nice, the colors, the log profile, it just works really well in my opinion. From what I’ve used it, I really enjoy it and there’s something about cannons that just make them really easy use the menus. Everything kind of just makes sense.

Lastly the NO.1 spot, I’m gonna give in 2018 to the Sony a7III this camera spec’s wise is just kidding it basically has all the specs that you would want 4K 120 P, great autofocus, great dynamic range and slog, the colors are pretty decent. It just takes a lot of the boxes that most people would want even things like Ibis. It has pretty much all of those things that you would want or need. The only big thing that it’s missing is a flip LCD screen, and because the autofocus isn’t quite as good as canons. There’s times where I really really wish I had a flip LCD, so I could see is it focusing or not.

Author: Lily li

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