MOZA Mini-MI REVIEW: 5 Features You Have To Know

Hey! today I’m going to be sharing with you five reasons why I really like the MOZA Mini-MI. I’m pretty excited for this one if you’ve ever been to the website, you can actually see that’s feature packed and the price pretty fantastic right now. It says it’s going on pre-order for about 109 US dollars which is ridiculous.

Before we talk about the five features that I really like we gotta know. If it’s really good at doing its main thing which is stabilizing. With the electronic image stabilization the footage hooks super smooth very similar to native camera app.

So depending on your style of shooting, you might want to shoot with the camera app. But the Gudsen app is I’m fairly pretty fantastic, I haven’t had any issues so far. I haven’t had any crashes or any weird.

The feature number one what actually has a scroll wheel similar to profession on dslr’s. You can actually swipe through the menus and you have four different areas where you can click. So I find this scrolling wheel very useful, it’s a different spin on the little wheel that’s on the side of the Smooth 4 similar to that the MOZA Mini-MI.

I mean allows you to control the focus the zoom and then if you go to pro mode on the app. You can change the exposure compensation and the white balance. It’s pretty amazing you can manually scroll to zoom in, but then if you click at the bottom of the wheel, it automatically zooms in for you. This is super huge and very useful for vertical shots.

Feature number two this gimbal actually has wireless charging capabilities built into the clamp where you put your phone super unbelievable. If you have a phone that supports wireless charging this is clutch because we’ve always been trying to figure out ways to put a USB port.

If you have a power bank or something like that you can charge the gimbal while it’s charging the phone. So you can create some really cool stuff for time lapses or longer shooting times.

Feature number three object tracking the active tracking on the app is actually good for some reason. When all my tests it caught on to my ear rather than my face. But I believe it’s because of the harsh lighting situation that I was in. It did pretty good if I was moving left and right. If I was tricking vehicles or things like that never failed some definitely surprised at the performance of the object tracking.

This is very important to a lot of people in my personal filming style. It will really use a whole lot of object tracking but it’s very useful and it worked pretty well when I tried it out .

Number four the Mini-MI allows you to pan continuously for 360 degrees, this is super useful when you are using object tracking. You can literally walk around the Mini-MI and it will follow you no matter what. If you’re just simply banning from like super wider angles from left to right as a bonus.

This gimbal has it number five inception mode, now inception mode allows you to triple click the top of the wheel and that will prompt the gimbal to go into torch mode. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking up down left or right, it will continue to hold that torch position. It allows you to control the role of the gimbal with the joystick.

This is a very interesting and fun way to create some of those really cool shots. Spin the camera around like the movie Inception. I guess that’s why it’s called inception mode and I love it

I am truly impressed by this gimbal it caught me by surprise

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