What is the Moza AirCross Gimbal?

The MOZA AirCross thumb controller utilizes quick-responsive sensors to allow for mimic control of the gimbal movements. After pairing the thumb controller with your AirCross, you can pan, tilt, roll to move it, the gimbal will mimic and follow the movements. It gives the operator the most responsive control.

Ultra-lightweight and portable camera stabilization for mirrorless cameras w/ Max payload of 3.9Lb/1800g, Intelligent power supply technology for Endless Battery Life,with external power charging for gimbal and dummy battery for power supply to all Sony and Panasonic mirrorless cameras, making your camera last with unlimited battery life for all-day use.

The built-in timelapse technology and custom-designed cables enables the MOZA AirCross to support many of the cameras used every day to shoot stunning long-exposure motion timelapse. By controlling shutter interval and shutter duration, the gimbal keeps your camera standstill to take a stationary long exposure picture each shot and then moves for another shot.

By building on the newest DeepRed technology like responsive sensor and advanced control algorithm to introduce easy auto-tuning. The built-in Auto-tune function, together with efficient calculation system, allows the MOZA App to find optimal parameters based on the total weight for your gimbal. Now you have no need to adjust parameters manually.

There are actually four modes on this gimbal. Pan-Follow, Pan-Tilt Follow, All-Focked and Roll-Follow. Expansion port for attaching a light, microphone and video monitor.

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