Moza AirCross Gimbal Stabilizer Review

Today I will review the latest camera gimbal from Gudsen called the Moza AirCross, this is the most compact and ultra lightweight camera stabilization system for mirrorless and pocket-sized cameras.

This new gimbal from Gudsen is in a way very similar to previous Moza Air gimbal and compared against other popular gimbal such as the Zhiyun crane 2 and Feiyu a2000. So how does the Moza AirCross compare both gimbal’s are actually amazingly similar in the build design and functionality.

The biggest difference really is the size, the AirCross is a bit smaller than the Moza Air. As you can see even the case is smaller and that’s because the aircraft is designed for slightly smaller mirrorless cameras, with a max payload of 1.8 kilograms. This will work with all the popular mirrorless cameras on the market today. Such as the Sony Alpha serious the Panasonic gh4 GH v 4g 7g 85 plastic Canon EOS m 6 or m5 along with Nikon 1 V 3 or Fuji XT 2 and X t20.

On the hand grip you’ll find two buttons, the smaller is the power button which you can also use to start and stop your camera. If you use one of the provided kebabs to connect the camera to the gimbal. There are also two power cables provided which will allow you to connect the camera to the gimbal and use the gimbals battery to charge or power your camera getting back to the hand grip.

Though the power button can also be pressed three times to quickly reset the gimbal, so a rotation to the default the the bigger button is actually a joystick they will allow you to throughout the gimbals rotation plus.

It can be pressed to change the different gimbal modes and there are actually four modes on this gimbal. First is the pan follow mode the camera will follow you as you pan the gimbal left to right. The second mode is the pan until to remote where the camera Falls your left right plus up and down rotation. The third mode is locked mode meaning the gimbal will just say pointing in the same direction no matter where you move. The last or fourth mode is the row follow mode which is something that I was hoping all gimbal manufacturers would implement. In this mode you can also swear the gimbal from side to side and the camera will smoothly roll left or right.

I would recommend getting is the dual hand grip this attaches quickly to the hand grip on the actual gimbal. It allows you to operate the gimbal with two hands and can also be used to attach accessories, such as the Maz wire remote the remote attaches easily using the provided mount and it allows you to control the gimbal with your thumb. As well as change the gimbal settings, it can also be used by a second operator within 50 meters.

And it’s actually really fun to use the AirCross also allows you to shoot time-lapse thinks, such as shattered time duration intervals and even the path all be defined within the Moza app.

The app works for both iOS and Android, through the app you can adjust all the gimbal parameters perform sensor calibration firmware upgrades. You can also use the phone as a remote for full pan tilt and roll control the base plate for mounting.

The gimbals was powered by three batteries, the charger has not been updated to a USB connection. So you can charge using any USB port. The batteries will last you around 12 hours, so it’s plenty for a full day of use and it’s always worked without any glitches or needing it to be calibrated.So overall I’m very happy with it.

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