MOZA AIR 2 REVIEW: A Stabilizer Worth Buying 2018

Photokina 2018 is just around the corner manufacturers, all across the gimbal is launching their new products so that they can showcase it in Photokina. Some of them are showing only a sneak preview of what is expected and some are actually waiting to give you a surprise in Photokina. MOZA have sent us a fantastic new product that they’re planning to introduce in Photokina. It’s a engineering sample which basically means it’s a pre-production sample of a product, anyway let’s get the product out and see what it is okay.

The Moza air 2 has a completely new redesigned interface. There are power button, mode button and speed button. And there is your menu and the wheel to select all your functions, besides that it also has ISO control, TV, AV and evey increment controls. A completely redesigned roll motor position allows an obstructed view of the rear monitor. So long press the power button and the Moza air 2 comes alive. In addition to the joystick they have also given a smart trigger so basically the shape of the grip. And the rotor wheel comes in handy when you need to zoom or want to switch focus, it customizable you need to dial in a particular function for the rotor.

So before you actually start shooting you must go into the menu and you will see a series of options. You can use the right button to go into the menu and the left watch button to come out of that particular menu. So to calibrate you have to go back to the motor and you need to switch off the motor. You have to switch on the live view make sure that your virtual horizon is properly balanced. Then you come out go back in go to calibration accelerometer and why it is on green signal just press and your actual repeater is balanced now.

As you know Moza air 2 can carry up from point three kilos that is 300 grams upwards to 4.2kg of payload. So according to the camera that you’re using you have to dial in an appropriate weight. You are using a compatible camera that is alternatively Moza air 2 has a fantastic ecosystem of a series of accessories that are available.

The Moza air had about six functions available in it, including the Yaw follow, the Pitch follow, the Roll follow, all Locked function, Inception mode and Yaw and Pitch follow. In air 2 you have two more additional functions you can actually have the Yaw and the Roll together, you also can have all functions working together meaning all follow modes working together. While you’re doing a yaw follow you can also do a roll follow and simultaneously do a pitch follow.

If you are someone who would like to use cine lenses along with the camera, then Moza offers you something called an eye focus which is a motorized remotely controllable follow focused device. It’s called an eye focus. This device can be connected onto the gimbal using a 9mm rail system. This is bundle along with and with an appropriate cable the connection is complete.

It’s actually difficult for someone to come up with a product which gives you that kind of quality and features at a price which is really affordable for you and me. So that we can buy and use it and create those magical images. I think Moza has gone ahead and done exactly that if I have to go by what they’ve announced on their website. The Moza air 2 the basic kit will be available to you for about $600.

Author: Carol chen

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