Freefly Systems launches the MōVI Wheels

Freefly Systems has announced the new MōVI Wheels, a classic wheel style controller with plenty of customisation and can be used in a one, two or three-wheel configuration.

The wheel controller is based around a central cheese plate that the quick release mounts can be attached to. There is a large cutout for transporting the wheels and a top post with a mounting bracket for the MōVI Controller that uses the same quick release system.

On the wheel modules, you can easily adjust wheel friction, gear ratios, and toggle wheel modules on the fly.


On launch, stainless steel wheels and brass wheels will be available. In a few weeks time, there will also be a wheel with cutouts. There isn’t too much information on these yet but they will probably be lighter in weight and more suitable for travel.

The brass wheels are heavier and provide more inertia to provide even finer control.

MōVI Wheels feature a high-speed CAN network that allows you to add up to 9 modules to the system—control Pan / Tilt / Roll / Focus / Iris / Zoom and has future compatabilities with any upcoming Freefly products.

The MōVI Wheels are compatible with the Mimic that is included with the MōVI Pro or MōVI controller which costs $4,099.85 and is currently on sale for $3,500 USD.

The MōVI Wheels will start shipping in 1-2 weeks.

Stainless Steel

One-Wheel – $1,495 USD
Two-Wheels – $2,995 USD
Three-Wheels – $3,995 USD


One-Wheel – $1,795 USD
Two-Wheels – $3,595 USD
Three-Wheels – $4,895 USD

Many wheel configurations for the MōVI currently use the 1A Tools Alpha wheels, which configured to the MoVI starts at $2,575 USD. The Alpha wheels can also be connected to other gimbals using Alpha Link S.Bus, or Futaba Com. There are also Brass wheels available for the Alpha wheels.


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